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Reikorangi Pottery, Park and Cafe
 has a gallery of artwork for you to feast your eyes on.These displays from various local artists include pottery, woodwork and paintings.

Janet Wright has been making domestic pottery for 45 years. She enjoys making them with a rustic theme. She also makes vases and other individual pieces.

Wilf Wright first became interested in pottery by the direct contact with pots by overseas artists afforded by operating the craft shop Stocktons, in Woodward Street, Wellington from 1956 to 1965. During this time he was also influenced by the work of his friends Helen Mason, Terry Barrow, and Barry Brickell. He attended adult education classes under Doreen Blumhardt and worked with English potter, the late John Chappell. He has worked with his wife Janet to establish a country pottery at Reikorangi, Waikanae. They feel privileged to be able to live and work in a country environment.

Gye Coker
 has painted all his life. Gye is passionate about NZ landscape and its influence on our lives and families.

Aerial view of the Potteries taken in 1956

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